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  • Story of the Little Stonecutter

    05 September 2012 ( #Chronicles )

    One of my favorite childhood tales.. One day lost on a mountain , stood a little stone-cutter . He worked tirelessly day after day . He had to break stones under a blazing sun . At lunch time he sat on a stone eating . He looked at the sun and thought...

  • Scheherazade the Storyteller

    06 November 2012 ( #Chronicles )

    Here is a story about a girl who not only escaped death but also grew to be a queen, by telling frame stories known as “Arabian Nights” Once upon a time, in a land of sun and sand, lived a king. This king was sad and heartbroken. Out of anger because...

  • Everything I do is Good in my Wife’s Eyes

    02 January 2013 ( #Chronicles )

    A Norvegian tale A peasant couple lived in a small isolated farm in the mountains. The husband was a good man and his wife loved him dearly. One day, a violent storm destroyed the roof of their small home. To fix it, they decided by mutual agreement to...

  • How to Cook Cameroonian Peanut Butter Soup

    19 February 2014 ( #Recipes )

    Comment Preparer la Sauce d'Arachide Here is the authentic recipe to make the infamous peanut butter soup easy if you live abraod. Impress you friends form Cameroon with this simple recipe. Ingredients: Peanut butter (no salt added, no sugar added, no...

  • How to Gain Weight

    19 February 2014 ( #Health )

    Skinny People Problems Skinny people have problems too! How to gain weight is one of them. This might sound like sacrilege, but the reality is that while most skinny women look and feel great with their body, some of us are jealous of the few phat girls...

  • How to Cook Cameroonian Eru and Fufu

    05 April 2011 ( #Recipes )

    Comment Preparer le Eru et Fufu Ingredients: Sliced Eru/Okazi vegetable (2500g) Palm oil (1 Liter) Waterleaf or spinach (2500g) Ground Crayfish (100g) – optional Smoked fish or stock fish (optional) Pepper (ground or 3 hot peppers) Magi, salt, pepper...

  • How to Cook Cameroonian Ndolé

    12 June 2011 ( #Recipes )

    Comment Preparer le Ndolé Ingredients: Bitter leaves Peeled groundnuts Onion, garlic, pepper, salt, maggi Vegetable oil Ground crayfish Meat Tips 1) Make sure you don't have more ndolé than the groundnut paste can take 2) Add ground crayfish at the end...

  • How to Cook Cameroonian Achu and Yellow Soup

    06 April 2011 ( #Recipes )

    Comment Preparer la Sauce Jauce et le Taro Ingredients: Achu cocoyam Palm oil Smoked or fresh meat Cow skin (kpomo) Limestone, achu spices Pepper, magi, salt Tips: 1) You can use a blender to mix the lime stone solution and the palm oil 2) Cook eggplants...

  • French Crêpes with Coconut Flakes

    12 June 2011 ( #Recipes )

    Crêpes Française à la noix de coco Ingedients: 4 beaten eggs 2 cups of milk (laictaid, say or almond milk for lacto-intolerant) 1/3 cup of butter (melted) 1/4 cup of sugar 1 pinch of salt 1 cups of flour 1/3 cup of flaked, sweetened coconut Tips 1) when...

  • The Foolish Traveler

    22 December 2012 ( #Chronicles )

    From the anime: Fruits Basket Once upon a time, there was this foolish traveler who had gone to a journey Why was it foolish? Well because he was fooled by everyone he met “I need money for medicine” Everywhere he went people made all sort of sad stories...

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