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Story of the Little Stonecutter

Posted by Riz Sauté

  One of my favorite childhood tales..

Story of the Little Stonecutter

One day lost on a mountain, stood a little stone-cutter. He worked tirelessly day after day. He had to break stones under a blazing sun. At lunch time he sat on a stone eating.

He looked at the sun and thought: "What I would like to be strong like the sun! be able to heat the earth and light fires in the forest." And at the same time he became a sun. He then walked from one country to another heating of its rays all the unfortunate little stone-cutters until the day he met a huge cloud that blocked his  view.

"I thought to be the strongest while the cloud must be even stronger than me. It can stop the sun and make rain. I would love to be a cloud." And thereby he became a cloud. Then he sprinkled the earth with heavy rains, and the sun hid wherever he went until the day he met a terrible wind that blew him at once.

"What I want to be as strong as the wind!" He thought, "be able to make storms, tear the roofs of houses, uproot trees." And at the same time he became wind. He then formed a huge hurricane defeating everything in its path. He rose tides, cyclone, blew cloud and storm with him until the day he knocked on a huge mountain. This mountain completely blocked his passage. Then he stopped and looked at the mountain.

"What I would like to be as strong as this huge mountain that stops even the wind." And at the same time he was transformed into a mountain. He reigned over the world for several years defying the sun, clouds, and wind. But one day, he felt something that constantly stung him at his feet, and he perceived that it was a small stone-cutter working under a blazing sun.


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