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How to Gain Weight

Posted by Riz Sauté

Skinny People Problems

Skinny people have problems too! How to gain weight is one of them. This might sound like sacrilege, but the reality is that while most skinny women look and feel great with their body, some of us are jealous of the few phat girls who know how to step up their attire. Yes it is true, there are some women out there who secretly wish and need to gain weight.

My plan to gain weight and maintain it consist of a simple commitment. I obtained my desired weight within 2 weeks of starting the regimen. Nothing fancy and no need for extra spending.

I will elaborate the basic difference between proteins and carbohydrates. I will share tips on how to gain weight for women and mention the variety of foods that can be used for that purpose.

I don’t care for weight scales. It’s all about I look in the mirror. I guess that’s one advantage we have over people who try to loose weight. 


  • Increase your food intake. You are skinny for a reason; you don’t eat. Shocker!
  • The number one best way to gain weight is to train your stomach to have more food.  Commit to have at least 4 meals a day. You can start with small meals. Increase the size of your meals with time until you have reach your desired weight. Then you can go back to 3 or two meals per day, but they will have to be large meals if you want to keep your silhouette.
  • What to eat to gain weight? Proteins
    Protein is used to build muscle mass. It also slowly transforms to glucose (sugar), which is readily used as energy by the body. Some protein rich foods include meat, milk, bean, nuts, peanut butter etc

Check out my delicious peanut butter soup recipe

  • Carbohydrates are tricky. Because they rapidly convert to sugar, the body uses some of it for energy. The rest is stored as fat.  Whole wheat foods are recommended because whole wheat converts to sugar slower. Carbohydrates foods include potato, pasta, rice, bread etc
  • Fruits and vegetables are always good

    skinny girl want to gain weight


  • Yogurt
  • Chicken nuggets or tenders   
  • Fish sticks 
  • Others.. 


  • Avoid soda (carbohydrates! also they will make you feel full and we don't want that ;). Drink milk, shakes, or smoothies instead
  • Smootie simple delish recipe for rapid weight gain → In a blender, mix all the following ingredients: Milk, Fruits (strawberry, raspberry, banana, coconut, mango etc), Vanilla muscle milk power, and Ice cubes. Enjoy!

Take home points: 

  1. Increase daily calorie intake 
  2. Protein calories are better and preferred to carbohydrates calories 
  3. Whatever makes you happy

Please leave a comment below with any question or clarification request you might have.

Cheers ;





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